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Daniel, a juvenile delinquent from Germany, is packed off to a correctional facility in Greece in order to serve his time. At Kila, an abandoned village near the Turkish border, he will come face-to-face with a completely unfamiliar (to him, at least) environment.

In a failed attempt to escape, he will meet Nidal, a 7-year-old undocumented immigrant from Syria. Daniel brings Nidal back to Kila with him, temporarily sheltering him in one of the vacant houses in the village. When he finds out that Nidal's parents, along with  few other immigrants, drowned in an attempt to cross the Greek border, Daniel will take him under his wing.

Little by little, his attentions become stifling and the child's life is put in danger. At the same time, Daniel's fear of other people and his unconscious need to feel protected and cared for rise to the surface.

Things take a dramatic turn, until Daniel finally realizes he's got a tough decision to make...


The project has participated in the MFI Script 2 Film Workshop,  in the Thessaloniki Crossroads (Thessaloniki Film Festival 2014) and in the When East Meets West market (Trieste, 2014)

With the support of the Greek Film Center

In Development

Additional Info

  • Directed by: Dimitris koutsiabasakos
  • Screenplay: Glykeria Patramani, Dimitris Koutsiabasakos
  • Production: View Master Films
  • Producers: George Kyriakos, Costas Lambropoulos
  • Head of Development: Effie Skrobola