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By Eleni Gkasouka

Black comedy among the woman and the Greek family. .

In Hairpin we have the image of woman who plays a multiple role. At the same time she can be wife, housewife, worker, daughter, and- above all- mother.

Sacrificing the female side but also her individuality, Aliki, our heroine of the script, is struggling to maintain the cohesion of the family.

Alice is an accountant around 50. Wife of an insignificant peers lawyer and mother of a 30 year old drug user. She lives with her sick father and her communist sister.

Alice left the big dream to become an opera singer to take care of her family.
When she discovers that she has cancer finally decides to take her life in her hands and chase the big dream: become an opera singer!

In development


Additional Info

  • Directed by: Eleni Gkasouka
  • Screenplay: Eleni Gkasouka
  • Production: View Master Films