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Loafing and Camouflage

A few years after the rock islet Pita episode, the combative team leaves the Aegean, gets called up once again and touches land... Stavromathiakakis, after the mysterious kidnapping of Noori (a 12-year old orphan Pakistan protégée), abandons the Psiloritis Mountains in Crete following her traces. The traces lead him to the -suffering from crisis- capital. In Athens, Parlavatzas and his chef, Papadakis, try to save their restaurant chain company called "Sevdali". Hacker and Super Market Robin Hood- Nakos tries to awake his compatriots and their common sense of justice whereas Kaloursi who is now a new member of the city council struggles to upgrade the city's cultural profile. Last but not least, guru Tsibitzidis gives self -esteem lessons to his supporters and to the Ministry's Council part of which is his "ex" and Vice Minister Marialena.

Additional Info

  • Directed by: Νίκος Περάκης
  • Screenplay: Νίκος Περάκης
  • Cast: Ορφέας Αυγουστίδης, Βίκυ Καγιά, Στέλιος Ξανθουδάκης, Ιωάννης Παπαζήσης, Σωκράτης Πατσίκας, Γιώργος Σεϊταρίδης, Γιάννης Τσιμιτσέλης, Ρένος Χαραλαμπίδης, Τζένη Θεωνά, Ελευθερία Κόμη, Δέποινα Μαυροειδή, Ράσμι Σούκουλη
  • Cinematography: Claudio Bolivar
  • Music: Δημήτρης Κοντόπουλος
  • Editing: Κωνσταντίνος Αδρακτάς
  • Art Director: Ολγα Λεοντιάδου
  • Sound Recording: Πάνος Παπαδημητρίου
  • Costume Design: Βάσω Τρανίδου
  • Production Supervisor: Λάμπης Χαραλαμπίδης
  • Executive Producer: CL Productions
  • Production: View Master Films
  • Producers: Κώστας Λαμπρόπουλος, Μάνος Κρεζίας, Διονύσης Σαμιώτης
  • Co-producers: ODEON, Multichoice Hellas/NOVA, FilmInMind, Νίκος Περάκης
  • Distribution: ODEON
  • Misc: 2011, 35mm, έγχρωμη, 101', Dolby Digital
  • Theater Release: 27 Οκτωβρίου 2011