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About Time

Miltos Kavanas is in his early forties but still lives with his parents in their small Greek village. Daily life has a predictable routine: Miltos cooks and cares for his debilitated father, listens to his mother complain, and drives a taxi at night. Time is ticking, and life is passing him by. Until--

Hollywood arrives. Miltos' cousin Kia is working on a film being shot on the island. The entire village is excited to be part of it, and many of them work as extras. Miltos is given a job as the personal driver for the film's young star Lily Greenwell.

Lily is a beautiful ingénue in her early twenties. She's been a star since she was a small child and always travels with her manager/mother Vivian. Lily is at a turning point in her young life - unbeknownst to her mother, she wants to quit acting and go to college. This may be her last film.

The film shooting on the island - FORGET ME NOT - is a romantic comedy set in 1962. Lily's character Janet and her fiancé Dimitri have "eloped" to the island to get married. An accident occurs and Janet is knocked unconscious. She awakens to discover that she's lost her memory - she doesn't recognize Dimitri and has no recollection of arriving on the island. To the dismay of Dimitri and his entire family, the wedding is called off.

The film-within-our-film is being directed by a very high-strung director, Brad Moore. In a fit of panicky rage, Brad fires his choreographer. There is no one to teach Lily the dance sequences needed to complete the film. These include several difficult Greek dances and a romantic waltz.

Miltos Kavanas is the best dancer on the island. His father once held that title, but Parkinson's Disease has taken that away from him. Now he can barely stand or walk without Miltos' assistance. When the film production seeks a replacement for their choreographer, Miltos is asked to step into the position. At first Miltos resists - he has no time. Caring for his parents is, in essence, a full-time job. But after some needling and cajoling, he is persuaded and begins teaching Lily how to dance. During these lessons Miltos and Lily forge an unusual friendship. Through dance, Miltos guides Lily toward becoming her own person. He reveals the underlying depth and beauty behind the traditional Greek dances. A Greek, he says, dances "as the person he thinks he is and the one he wants to become." Lily takes his teachings to heart and begins building the confidence she will need to stand up to her mother and live her own life.

Meanwhile, Miltos is struggling under the weight of his own family. Caring for his parents has forced him to put his own life on hold, including his love life. He secretly harbors a crush on his optometrist - a beautiful Swedish expat named Georgina. For years he's pretended that his eyesight is terrible, all for the chance to spend a little time in her presence.

As the making of the film and Miltos' dance lessons continue, we follow BOTH stories: the intersecting BEHIND-THE-SCENES lives of Miltos and Lily AND the romantic-comedy plot of FORGET ME NOT, the movie-within-the-movie. Both stories enhance and reflect upon each other.

As the shooting continues, both Miltos and Lily find their lives changed dramatically. Lily discovers that her dream has come true - she has been accepted into an excellent university, and Miltos' father takes a sudden turn for the worse... Both Lily and Miltos must face their families to deal with their respective news. Eventually, in the film-within-the-film, Lily's character Janet regains her memory and reconnects with her fiancé. The wedding is back on! The wedding is a beautiful, traditional Greek ceremony with a huge reception in the central square. The entire village is invited - playing themselves as extras at the wedding - including Miltos, his family and...Georgina. The wedding reception segues into a wrap party for the film, and our two storylines finally merge.

Through their unlikely friendship, Mlitos and Lily are able to find the strength within themselves to change the course of their lives for the better.

The film plot concludes with Miltos dancing alone on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea - a tribute to his father, his heritage, and his own newfound freedom.

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Additional Info

  • Directed by: Michael A. Nickles
  • Screenplay: Michael A. Nickles, Julia Wall Nickles
  • Production: View Master Films