Greece with its wide variety of landscapes can cover demanding needs of filming locations. From Archaeological Sites and Castles, to Island and Mountain Landscapes, Lakes and Beaches, Traditional Villages, Urban Environments and Industrial, VMF team is at your disposal to discuss your needs and offer you solutions through the network of our experienced partners.

Finding the right location is an essential step in the pre-production of a film. Besides practicalities, selecting a shooting location shapes the way a story is narrated in a movie. Greece, with its endless alternations of natural and man-made landscape, the diverse typologies of building installations and optimal weather conditions, is an ideal choice for filming all year round.

VMF specialized staff undertake the design and implementation of the process of identifying the appropriate location for shooting throughout Greece, taking into account the specialized needs of each production. Our Location Scouting team provides custom-made solutions and advice according to the aesthetics, practical considerations and the budget of each production. VMF undertakes the research and location of the sites, the feasibility study, the design of accessibility to utility facilities (parking, toilets, etc.) and also the provision of appropriate permits for the use of the premises.

For more information and tailor-made solutions according to the needs of your production, drop us a line here.

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