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View Master Films (VMF) is one of the leading production companies in Greece specializing in the production of original and native content for film and television.

The company was founded in 2010 in Athens by Giorgos Kyriakos and soon began its partnership with the independent producer Costas Lambropoulos, who has worked with Theo Angelopoulos, Costa Gavras and Martin Scorsese. They are both qualified film producers with over 30 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, as well as Members of the European Film Academy.

New generation high skilled producers Effie Skrobolas and Vasilis Tzanidis are also  working with the company, bridging the existing experience to  the future of filming and production evolution.


The company's catalog of works includes award-winning films and popular productions by both emblematic directors and young talented creators, Greek and foreign.

Set in a dynamic and innovative environment, VMF is engaged in the production and international co-production of films, documentaries and content for television and new platforms. VMF offices have become a point of reference for many film professionals, who return there every time they require a welcoming and responsive space that will assist them in developing new ideas and projects.

In addition, the company offers production management and executive production services to foreign productions who wish to shoot in Greece. At the same time, VMF is active in the production management and executive production of major events using new media and cutting-edge technology.

With its unparalleled dedication to creators and their work and its great love of cinema, VMF aims to make its mark in the entertainment industry by creating original and high-quality content for the domestic and international audience.

VMF’s company culture promotes diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace whereas environmentally friendly work practices are applied in the production process towards a more sustainable future.


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