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The website belongs to the Company “VIEWMASTER FILMS S.A.” ,tel: +302106412700, e-mail:

Viewmaster Films is the official website of the Company ViewMaster Films. On the Website you can find information about the Company, as well as about the Services provided, our projects, activities and events, our team members, publications and exhibitions, educational programs and workshops of the Company, and the news of the Company. Through the Website you may have digital access, through audiovisual material to materials, information and archives in relation to our Projects and Services.

These terms of use apply to Users of Viewmaster Films while browsing or using this Website. Therefore, the words “you”, “your” and generally the use of the second plural form refers to users. The use of first plural form refers to the Company’s actions.

Website or Viewmaster Films: The website
User: The person who browses the Website and uses the Services.
Services: The offered options to Users via the Website

The headings contained in these Terms of Use are for your convenience only and do not limit or otherwise affect the real meaning of the Terms of Use.

The use of the Website requires internet access. You must ensure with your own diligence internet access and you are fully charged with any billing, by Internet services and access services providers, that using of internet involves for the use of the Website, for receiving – sending data to the Website or for communicating with the Company.

The Company is not responsible for any inability / difficulty of your terminal equipment to access to the Website or to display the content of the Website. The Company does not provide any guarantee of compatibility and smooth operation of the Website and does not provide any kind of hardware.

The use of this Website and its Services by any User is regulated by the Terms of Use. AnyUser, before access to, browsing and any kind of use of this Website, clearly, explicitly and unreservedly states that he/or she fully accepts the Terms of Use, as well as any other term that fulfils the requirements of law and may be inside this website, beyond this text, such as in the following areas: Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy. What applies for the Terms of Use also applies for any other term inside this Website, beyond this text. Your unreserved accepting of the Terms of Use is required for accessing and using this Website.

Please, read the Terms of Use carefully before you proceed to any action, interaction, accessor use of the Website, and comply there with. In case you disagree with the Terms of Use, you are required to refrain from any use of the Website.

The Website operates 24/7. The Company retains the right to modify, suspend, discontinue the operation of this Website and/or the services provided therein due to maintenance, improvement, updates, commercial policy etc, at any time and with no prior notice, without prejudice to any rights / obligations Users and third parties may have under the law or any agreement made with the Company.

Users are required to act in compliance with the Greek law, to respect any law of the European or International Law applicable in using the Website and its Services, and to exercise their rights within the limits set by good faith, morality and social and financial purposes of their rights.

User sare required not to use the Website, its Services, or any other means of expression through this website or accounts of the Website in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube Google Maps etc. for the purpose of posting, disclosing, spreading information, data and generally any illegal, unfair, undue, slandering and/or false, threatening, deceitful, coercive, abusive, provocative, insulting, obscene, vulgar, sulfurous, pornographic, racist content. Posted content is also prohibited to urge people to commit crimes, to be the same or its disclosure via this website a punishable act, to make discriminations, to breach any kind of confidentiality, to violate constitutional rights, to offend childhood, professional reputation, privacy and to be adverse to the law in general. Besides, Users must not post commercials in any form and of any content, contests, third parties’ personal data, confidential information about the Company or its associates, spam messages, chain letters, unlicensed or other malicious software, works protected by the law of Copyright and Industrial Property.

Users and third parties are strictly prohibited to interfere in the form, operation, services, content, data bases and any other information that constitute this Website, by using any mechanism, software, either malicious or not, process, either electronic or not, by sending harmful files such as viruses, spam messages, DDOS attacks etc. which may affect, harm, suspend, terminate and, generally, obstruct this Website’s smooth operation or Users to log in, access and use the Website, and endanger the provision of Services offered thereby.

Users are prohibited from exploiting the information they are granted from the Website through sale or distribution to third parties. The Website intends only to offer information, so any commercial use / exploitation of its content by Users or third parties is prohibited. It is permitted to republish the content of the Website for journalistic purposes in compliance with the Intellectual Property Law.

The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at its free will and unilaterally. Posting any new term, or any modification or annulment of any existing term on this Website alone is enough to put it in effect for the future. Users must check from time to time whether the Terms of Use have been modified. Posting terms on this webpage fulfils the requirements for notification of Users about any modifications to the Terms of Use. Any use of this Website presupposes and confirms that the User accepts the preexisting terms, as they apply, with the above-described modifications, interventions and annulments by the Company.

In any dispute over the content of the Terms of Use and/or any mismatch between the Greek edition and its translations, the Greek edition, which expresses the true meaning of the Terms of Use, will prevail.

If any term or any part of the Terms of Use, conditions or provisions contained to the Terms of Use shall be determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent such term, condition or provision shall to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

All Terms of Use are essential. Any breach of these terms by a User incurs penalties provided by the applicable law and the User’s obligation to remedy any direct and incidental damage the Company or any third party may suffer from the User’s illegal and adverse to these terms behavior. In case of any breach of the Terms of Use, the Company may ban the User from accessing the Website, delete the User’s information posted in this Website and exercise all rights provided by the law. Failure or neglect by the Company to enforce at any time any of the provisions of the Terms of Use shall not be construed nor shall be deemed to be a waiver of its rights nor in any way affect the validity of the whole or any part of Terms of Use nor prejudice the Company’s rights to take subsequent action.

The Company is not obliged to know whether any information provided by a User is true or not, considering the personal data provider as the real subject thereof.

Users are obliged, when using the Website, to provide their personal data. The Company is not responsible for any damage to the User or a third party caused by the unintentional or intentional provision of false / inaccurate data by the User.

The Company is solely liable for any information provided to this website by the Company itself, provided it is required and able – pursuant to the provisions of law – to know whether such information is accurate and lawful, without prejudice to any printing errors or minor similar omissions. According to the provision of applicable law related with issues of liability on part of providers of services of information society, our Company is exempted from any liability as to any content posted in this Website by third parties.

Our Company shall not be liable for any temporary or permanent failure to provide its Services by reasons beyond its control, such as force majeure, severe weather phenomena, natural disasters, states of emergency, strikes, fire, epidemic, pandemic, war, malfunction of the Host Provider or ISP or Access Provider or for any incident that obstruct the Company to fulfill its contractual obligations.

The Company is not responsible for any damage to the User or a third party caused by risks that threaten internet users and may occur while using the Website.Our Company profoundly checks the security level of services it provides electronically, using programs against viruses and malicious software. During browsing this website, Users are recommended to use software for protection from computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, malware, ransomware, DDoS Attacks etc. Our Company shall not be liable for any damages to the User’s hardware, software and data, as well as for any other damage incurred to Users or third parties by the aforementioned risks.

The Company profoundly checks all information that it provides to its users, as required by law. However, we cannot exclude human errors, malfunction of the company’s network or computer systems etc. that may affect proper provision of information to Users. We advise Users, in the event they notice any wrong information, before they make any order, to contact the Company at tel. no: +30 2106412700 / e-mail: info@Viewmaster, so that such error be immediately corrected, clarification be given and our Services be more effectively provided to Users.

Our Company shall not be liable for the content of websites to which Users are referred by links, banners, frames etc. legally inserted in this website. Our Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred to users by their visiting such websites, as well as for any damage caused by risks appearing in online systems of entities advertised in this Website etc., even if Users are referred to said websites by links, banners etc on the Website. Liability for the content, information, users’ safety and protection of their personal data, and the quality of services provided is born solely by owners, managers and beneficiaries of said websites, which users visit at their own risk.

The Company provides its services and all the content available through this Website “as is” and without any kind of warranty about the accuracy, quality and security. The Company shall not be liable under any circumstances, towards the User or any third party, for any direct, indirect positive damage or loss of earnings from the use of the Website, in condition that it fulfills its obligations.

The Company has no responsibility for the loss of data hosted on its servers. Each User has the sole responsibility for keeping a backup copy of the information posted on the Website.

Our Company’s posting of the Terms of Use and their content may not cause any liability for the Company further than the one provided by the law.

In any disputes arising from the use of the Website, the law that applies is the Greek law which governs the Website’s function, the quality and content of the Website and any disputes arising. Any dispute between the Company, Users and third parties from the use of the Website will be resolved through friendly negotiations between them. Otherwise, Greek Courts and particularly Athens Courts have jurisdiction over the resolution of any disputes arising.

Works contained on the Website, in the form of text, image, drawing, photograph, graphics and logos, trademarks, software, data basis, music and audiovisual extracts, advertising pictures and slogans, as well as newsletters, which are protected by law 2121/1993 and any other National or International laws, constitute the Company’s Copyright, without prejudice to Copyright held by other beneficiaries, protected under the relevant provisions of the law. Our Company maintains the Copyright of this Website and any webpages that comprise it, which are independently protected as original works of conjectural design and applied arts, according to specific requirements of law, as well as, as collections of works. Copyright is primarily acquired without any formalities.

The Website’s distinguishing features are protected by the law that applies to trademarks.Distinguishing features (from their use to their establishment in transactions), as well as the whole content of this website, are further protected under the provisions of unfair competition law. The domain name Viewmaster has been lawfully assigned to the Company by the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT), which has the exclusive right to use it. Moreover, the Company forbids any third party to register an identical or similar domain name that may cause confusion to the consumers.

Recording and direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction of all works contained in this website, by any means and in any form, in whole or in part, as well as making of copies, either permanent or temporary are not allowed. Furthermore, all the following actions associated with said works are prohibited: reproduction by being downloaded and saved in the user’s computer, translation, adaptation, adjustment or other modifications, their distribution to the public in any form by being sold or by other means, lease and public loaning, public execution, broadcasting or re-broadcasting to the public through the radio or television, by electromagnetic waves or wires or other material conductors or by any other means, parallel to the surface of the earth or via satellites, presentation to the public wiredly or wirelessly or by any other means. There is also forbidden any kind of deformation, abridgement or other modification of the aforementioned works, as well as any insult of the creator caused by the conditions of the work’s presentation. Appearance of these works on the Website does not mean any case whatsoever transfer or assignment of permission or right to use them, for purposes not related to the legal use of the Website.

Furthermore, the webpages of this website are also protected as data bases. Especially, as to the data bases of this website, temporary or permanent reproduction of data bases, by any means and in any form, in whole or in part, translation, adjustment, arrangement or any other modification of data bases, any kind of distribution of data bases or their copies to the public, any disclosure, display, purchase, or presentation of data bases to the public, any reproduction, distribution, disclosure, display or presentation of results of the data bases’ translation, adjustment, arrangement and modification to the public, uploading, storing and exporting databases, downloading, posting on another website, posting on the internet and any other processing and commercial use, are forbidden.

The data bases of this website are further protected as a special right held by the data base maker. There is forbidden any export and/or reuse of the whole or substantial part of the data bases’ content, evaluated either in terms of quality or quantity, either manually or automatically. There forbidden any repeated and systematic export and/or reuse minor parts of the data bases’ content, provided they entail the performance of actions contrary to the ordinary use of data bases or unjustifiably violate the data base maker’s legal interest. It is further prohibited the automated (e.g. through web scraping, web harvesting, web data extraction) or manual, collection and storage of information contained in the databases of the Website and in general as its content, the mass / systematic downloading of information by the Website for any use, without the written consent of the Company.

Τhis website’s content is protected from violation of Industrial Property, which belongs to the Company, without prejudice to the rights of other holders-agents.

The legal use of the Website and its Services, with respect to the Terms of Use and the current legislation, does not infringe the Intellectual Property of the Company, which grants the Users permission to use the Website only for information.

The Company abstains from misleading commercial practices and will never send you spam messages.

These Terms of Use were written by Attorney at Law Sofia Georgiadi, LLM Commercial Law, Bilalis and Partners Law Office.

Last update: 02/12/2021

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