The Team


With over 30 years of experience in the audiovisual sector and in the production of major events, Giorgos Kyriakos is the founder of View Master Films.

Before the creation of the company in 2010, Giorgos Kyriakos collaborated as Production Manager in a variety of film and television productions as well as major events. He specializes in production design and management and has worked in the past with directors in films such as A Touch of Spice by Tassos Boulmetis, Brides by Pantelis Voulgaris, Adults in the Room by Costa Gavras, as well as in TV series 10 by Pigi Dimitrakopoulou, Loafing and Camouflage by N. Perakis, Karyotakis by T. Psarras, etc.

In the field of events and entertainment, Giorgos Kyriakos has collaborated as an Event Producer in demanding and large-scale events like the Kalamata International Dance Festival, Summer Nostos Festivals for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Foo Fighters Concert at the Herodes Atticus Odeon, etc.

Giorgos Kyriakos is a member of the European Film Academy.



A member of the European Film Academy, Costas Labropoulos is a Greek film producer that can boast of having one of the richest filmography catalogues in Greece. He has produced and co-produced over 200 Greek and international films, leaving his mark in the European film industry.

He was only in his teens when he started working in practically every below-the-line film crew position, before becoming a producer. His firsthand experience helped him gain the trust of acclaimed European auteurs like Theo Angelopoulos (Ulysses’ Gaze, Eternity and A Day, The Weeping Meadow) and Costa Gavras (Eden Is West, Adults In The Room). Besides, Costas Labropoulos has produced three of the biggest box-office hits in the history of Greek cinema: Brides by Pantelis Voulgaris, A Touch Of Spice by Tassos Boulmetis and Sirens In The Aegean by Nikos Perakis.

Costas Labropoulos is equally active in the event production field, working for clients like Jack Morton Public Events for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2004 Olympic Games, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for the Summer Nostos Festivals, the Greek Festival S.A., the Municipality of Kalamata for the Kalamata International Dance Festival, the Greek Ministry Of Finance for the Greek Pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010, as well as ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Company) for the production of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and other significant events.



Upon finishing her film studies in Canada at the Université de Montréal, Quebec, in 2005, Effie Skrobolas began collaborating with Costas Labropoulos in the field of film production.

A member of the Women in Cinema and Television Association (WIFT GR), she has over 15 years of professional experience and has worked closely with a variety of Greek and foreign talents in domestic and international film projects.

She has participated in professional training programs for producers like Marketing and Distribution (Spain), the Maia Workshop (Italy, Germany, Poland) and the Sources 2 Projects and Process- Training the Mentors workshop (Germany). She also teaches Film Production Techniques at the School of Directing of IEK AKMI.

Since 2010 she has been responsible for the development of all film and creative projects of VMF while at the same time networking with creators on a global scale and the participation of films in Festivals, Markets and funding programs. Her most recent film projects include .dog by Yianna Americanos, A Pure Place by Nikias Chryssos, Sisters Apart by Daphne Harizani and 1821, Wind of Freedom by Stelios Charalambopoulos.

In 2019 she founded her own production company Mitos Productions based in Canada, which specializes in the production of original content for new media (applications, social media) in the fields of history and education like the application Routes and The Flower Of Smyrna (Instagram project in development).

Effie Skrombolas uses her personal experience in the film and global audiovisual industry, in an effort to encourage the creativity of a new generation of filmmakers. At the same time, through her active action and participation as a member of the Women in Film and Television Association (WIFT GR), she supports the empowerment of female voices and promotes equality in the industry.



Vasilis Tzanidis is a professional in the audiovisual and creative sector with over 15 years of experience in various fields of film, television and theater production as Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager, Location and Set manager, as well as in the production of large-scale events as Production Manager, Site and Stage manager.

After obtaining a degree in Petroleum and Gas Technology Engineering, he continued his studies in Production Management & Executive Production of film production and events.

Since 2003 he has collaborated with some of the most important production companies in Greece and abroad in numerous film and television projects (Before Midnight by Richard Linklater, The Little Drummer Girl by Park Chan-Wook, Adults in the Room by Costa Gavras, Man of God by Yelena Popovic etc.). At the same time, he has worked in the production of films of the new generation of Greek directors, such as the feature films Chevalier by Athena Rachel Tsangaris, The Small Fish by Giannis Economidis, The Common Denominator by Sotiris Tsafoulias, Eftychia by Angelos Frantzis and others.

He has a vast experience as Production Manager and Stage Manager in the organization of large-scale production of events in projects such as the Summer Nostos Festival of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (ISN), the project Landmarks Live in Concert: Foo Fighters at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the International Kalamata Dance Festival, Drone Light Show/SNFestival & Dubai Shopping Festival , the five-hour dance tour MicroDances Athens in co-production of the Ballet of the National Opera with the international organizations Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Atterballeto (Italy) and Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Belgium) and others.

He has partnered with VMF working as Producer & Line Producer for the development and completion of Greek and foreign film and audiovisual projects. Utilizing his many years of experience in film, modeled on renowned film professionals, he systematically tries to contribute with his work to the application of good practices, the upgrading of the quality of services and the modernization of processes in Greek film production according to international standards.



John Zarganis is an accomplished executive producer with 20 years of experience in large scale and high-profile events in Greece and abroad.

Some of the most notable projects he has managed on behalf of the top events producing companies as Technical Director and Production Manager for the Kalamata International Dance Festival, Eurovision, Sotchi 2014 Winter Olympics, Shanghai International Exhibition 2010, Summer Nostos Festival etc. He specializes in the technical study and support of live broadcasting (Live broadcasting) while he has been a Consultant in cultural organizations and cultural sites in matters of organization and management of technical staff for the organization of major entertainment and sports events, large-scale exhibitions, etc.

John Zarganis is the Technical Director and Production Manager of VMF and an integral part of View Master Films with participation in films such as .dog, Sirens in the Aegean (Executive Procurer), Swing Away (Line Producer), Dust of Time (Production Designer) and in the documentaries Life in the Tomb and Wind of Freedom (Producer).


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