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Greece presents an exceptional panorama full of alternating landscapes that surprises us, featuring endless beaches, green meadows, wild mountainous regions as well as urban and industrial zones. With the good weather conditions prevailing in the country working for them, every foreign production can find in the Greek landscape the right place for filming throughout the year.

Greek light, which has been praised by great artists, thinkers and travelers visiting from abroad, is the perfect ally for any director and director of photography who wishes to shoot his film in Greece. As the world-renowned pioneer sculptor Henry Moore characteristically said, “Greek light is something one cannot imagine before one experiences it.”

Another reason for foreign producers to choose Greece as a filming location is that through the National Center for Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME) and the operation of the CASH REBATE, a subsidy of 40% is provided for the production of films, TV series, documentaries, cartoons and digital games in Greece. Besides, through EKOME and the TAX RELIEF program, a tax exemption of 30% is provided for investments in productions of the audiovisual sector in Greece.

Greece is also famous for its highly competent and experienced film crews that possess the corresponding, appropriate filming equipment. VMF, depending on the needs and the peculiarities of each production, handpicks the best-suited and highly qualified collaborators and staffs the respective crew with the best trained English-speaking crews.


VMF undertakes the design, management and executive production on behalf of foreign production companies who wish to use Greece as a location, as well as the process of applying to EKOME for CASH REBATE. In collaboration with the production team, the needs of each project are analyzed, challenges are identified and a detailed work program is proposed as well as the creation and supervision of the project’s budget.

Indicatively the services provided by VMF are:



Location Scouting


Production Management

Hospitality Services

Crew and Technical Team

Technical Equipment

Props House & Action Vehicles

Health & Safety

Legal Services

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