It is the early 20th century on a dystopian Greek island. Hadoula, a widow who lost her husband, loannis Fragkos, at a young age, is a woman who has learned how to survive in a male-dominated and extremely patriarchal society. Hadoula carries a difficult burden within her. Like a baton passed on to her from her mother, and the generations before her, she is meant to accept the belittling and degradation of women. Hadoula reacts. Her personal, internal revolution soon comes forth. The victims of her outburst are the little girls of the island, whom she sets free from the social and economic burden that their existence entails by taking their lives. Her actions will bring her face to face with the law. She leaves her home and escapes to her refuge, nature. But as much as her faith and morals dictate that she did the right thing, her trans-generational trauma follows her everywhere. And the end comes as redemption.

A story based on Alexandros Papadiamantis’ landmark “social novel” of the same name, a staple of Greek literature.


Eva Nathena

2023, DCP, color, Dolby Digital



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