Man of God

The popularity of Nektarios (Anastasios) Kefalas, Metropolitan of Pentapolis, provokes the jealousy of the clergy in Alexandria. Fearing that he would become the next Patriarch of Egypt, the clergy discredited him and as a result they deprived him of his priestly status and exiled him from Egypt. In Athens now, thanks to his advanced pedagogical tactics, he becomes famous and cosmopolitan and at the same time engages in a great literary work.

But the workload overwhelms him and he decides to retire to Aegina. He rebuilds a ruined monastery with his own hands and thanks to his reputation the monastery grows. The monastery, however, is never recognized, while Saint Nektarios is unjustly accused of immorality. At Aretaeio Hospital, shortly before his end, he will perform his last miracle.


Yelena Popovic

2021, color




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